A+ Stuttgart Guide Service












With over 80 years of combined guiding in the Stuttgart area,
we offer a variety of waterfowl hunting, pairing our hunters
and their guides in proven waterfowl areas. Our hunting parties

are kept at a maximum of 5 hunters per guide to offer each hunting

group a personal hunt with a professional, knowledgeable, and
experienced guide.

Flooded Rice, Beans, and Corn Field Hunting - Flooded Rice, Beans, and Corn Field Hunting � Although we hunt primarily over flooded rice fields we also enjoy the success of hunting over flooded soybeans and corn. We hunt mallards, pintails, teal, speckled-bellies, snows and blues in and around this Duck Hunting Capitol of the World. Our fields are well-managed and maintained to provide good feed and rest areas for the waterfowl. We utilize custom built pits and blinds to hunt from, which puts you in the fields where the birds, allowing you to experience water-fowling at it's finest.


Goose Hunting - Snows, Blues, & Speckle-bellies(White Front)--During duck season. We have had excellent experience in Snows and Blues & Specs over the past years.


SEASON DATES: 2017-2018

November 17 – November 25
December 6 - December 23
December 26 - January 27



For information and reservations please call 618-656-7824